Todd Matthews
Database Developer for NIJ

  • Development Partner for the National Institute of Justice database for missing and unidentifiable persons.
  • The database is utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide and a required research system by 9 U.S. states.

    Pat Vanater, Blockchain and
    Cryptocurrency Developer
  • Specialize in ‘Solidity‘ and working on throughput as well as smart contracts.
  • The potential for smart contracts to disrupt the escrow market will change the world when (not if) it’s further adopted. This eventuality will raise digital asset prices and drive further adoption of cryptocurrency.
  • I focus on use case tokenomics that drive further adoption worldwide, some examples include:
    • Base layer (Polkadot, ETH)
    • Non-fungible Tokens; (Enjin)
    • Supply chain verification (Vechain)
    • DEFI – (Chainlink)
    • Liquidity pools (Uniswap)

Matt Brenner

  • Wallet Repair & IT Specialist
  • B.S. Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Call Matt at (703) 853-8345 to schedule a virtual appointment for wallet installation or repair. $200 per hour (1 hour minimum).

Christian Santander

  • Software Team Lead Developer and Designer
  • B.S. Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University
  • Developed and deployed over 20 successful mobile apps
    • Projected New wallet for PC
    • Projected New wallet for MAC OS
    • Projected App for real time wallet tracking