BCR’s MAC os state-of-the-art wallet is available as pre-sale on SHOPIFY right now!

This MAC os state-of-the-art wallet by Elevow is available for the first time ever at: Soon, the upgraded state-of-the-art wallet for PC will also be available on SHOPIFY. When both BCR wallets are available on SHOPIFY, we will remove the PC wallet link to the original wallet that we have always provided. In the meanwhile, continue to download the original wallet here.

We are also adding two coins to our portfolio. The first is the GHR coin and the second will be SETU. Read more about the new GHR coin at https://GHR.Network

BCR’s value is not dependent on prices published by exchanges (it never has been). Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) has always been tethered to its federal contracts, its education programs and its real brick and mortar business activities in several countries.

Everyone and anyone holding Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) cryptocurrency or whom is based in any country, or is interested in this digital asset is welcome to this website with no restrictions. Everyone must observe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency laws in the country in which they reside in and pay taxes.