We have worked with BCR for many years. Its original structure is a beautiful work of art but it will not be on any legally recognized exchange. The coin is unable to compete in today’s lightening fast Blockchain & Cryptocurrency environment. BCR’s nine and a half year old software makes it impossible to list on Cryptocurrency exchanges with legitimate standing.

Moving forward towards the new existing state-of-the-art technology is the responsible thing to do.

We will inform everyone of “Best Steps Forward” right here within the next few weeks. We will continue to lead with GHR which we are proud to say is on the Ethereum Mainnet and our second venture will be SETU. Read more about the new GHR coin at https://GHR.Network

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) has been replaced by Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR) and it will be GHR that will now be tethered to our federal contracts, education programs, food cultivation, home construction with Habitat for Humanity, the automobile program and our brick and mortar business activities in several countries.

Everyone and anyone holding Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) cryptocurrency or whom is based in any country, or is interested in going forward with GHR is welcome to this website with no restrictions.

Everyone must continue to observe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency laws in the country in which they reside and pay all due taxes.

For BCR trade or cash out questions, contact the salesperson whom provided the BCR you have been holding and mining. Your receipt has the salesperson’s name, email, phone, the amount of coins you obtained and what you paid for each coin on the day you obtained them.

Those in the USA whom were granted BCR will be brought along with us to the GHR environment. Those of you that signed up previously for BCR may join us at GHR as well.

GHR however is moving into the brave new world.

The sign up will return shortly.
Email questions to: MEDIA@BCR.NEWS